leadership ability

Equipping leaders to support an organisation’s immediate and
long-term needs.

Effective leadership is about bringing out the best in others. Acting in the organisation’s best interests to support employees and operational execution, facilitate optimal performance and strategically achieve results. Satisfying immediate needs while creating the right conditions for attaining long-term goals.

Yet our experience has shown that, all too often, leaders aren’t fully equipped to perform this role.

The problem

A lack of reference points means leaders are often lured into stepping in where they shouldn’t, while also relinquishing responsibility for their team’s behaviours. Given that leadership guidance directly influences how 90% of personnel do their jobs, inability to optimise their contributions too often fails the organisation at every level.

Our solution

At 96 Consultancy, we equip leaders to add the value their role demands by understanding the full impact of every decision and action. So they can create optimal balance throughout their sphere of influence. Adopting the principle of “connecting against the grain” to avoid damaging temptations. This sets the stage for leadership which perpetually achieves the best results. Today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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